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Save Money And Maximize Your Property’s Value And Appeal With Efficient Windows And Siding

A-Creative Construction’s Siding & Window Installation

A-Creative Construction can build or repair just about anything, from roofs to floors and everything in between.

That said, many times people just want us to improve their home’s efficiency with some new windows, or its looks with new siding. Luckily for them, we’re experts at both!




One of the easiest ways to save money on heating and cooling is replacing outdated windows with newer, more efficient models. The best windows have 2-to-3 panes of glass, and may be filled with a gas like argon to reflect the sun’s rays, which helps keep excess summer sun out and valuable winter heat in.

Windows come in many varieties, from double-hung to large picture windows, and each has its pros and cons for a particular job or budget. If you need windows replaced or installed, and aren’t sure what kind to get, or even where to start, then let John at A-Creative Construction guide you through the process of selecting just the right windows for your home or building.



A-Creative Construction can also help make your home or business look great again with a new suit of siding. Not only does siding help breathe fresh life into a tired look, but it also helps protect against hail and moisture damage, damage caused by animals, and more.

Siding comes in several varieties. Vinyl siding is the most budget-friendly option, and comes in a large number of colors. It is easier to damage than the other siding options. Hardie board is a virtually indestructible cement-based siding that comes is a wide variety of colors and can be primed and painted.  Weatherside Purity is also cement-based, and replaces asbestos. Metal siding is the toughest and longest-lasting kind of siding, but also the most expensive. We’ll be happy to discuss your various options with you to find just the right fit for your project.

Another factor to consider when deciding on siding is how it will be insulated. Using something like fullback insulation behind your vinyl siding helps it weather hail storms and errant string-trimmers better than siding alone, which helps protect your investment and make it last longer.

No matter the material you decide to re-side your home, garage, or business with, and no matter the size of the job, rest assured that A-Creative Construction has the skills and experience to transform your project into the pride of the neighborhood.

We employed John Lancaster, owner of A-Creative Construction Company, to remove the cedar siding on our home and replace it with Hardy Board siding. We noticed that John took time to resolve issues, e.g. insulation of windows, removing termite damage and replacing with quality material, etc. He is very knowledgeable, and does quality work. He just recently checked back with us to see if we were still satisfied with the work he had done, and that there were no other problems that needed to be resolved. There was one issue, which he took care of as soon as it was feasible. We are very satisfied with his work. — E. Christley & E. Huntsman




Some attractive Hardie Board siding really helped refresh this home’s exterior.



On this job we turned an old sunroom into an open, attractive back deck.




Here’s an attractive new pair of doors we installed

Here we repaired a home suffering from rot. 

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