Increase Your Home’s Value And Attractiveness With A Custom Built Sunroom

Custom Built SUNROOMS

A-Creative Construction’s Answer To Low Quality Sunroom Kits

A-Creative Construction builds things right, and builds them to last. That’s why, unlike many of our competitors, we never use cheap sunroom kits with thin walls and flimsy engineering.

Instead, A-Creative Construction’s sunrooms are built from the ground up with construction-grade materials, and walls twice as thick as typical kits. Because they’re made to order, not only are our sunrooms stronger than kit systems, but they also blend perfectly with your existing construction. This kind of solid construction and good looks means you’ll still be enjoying your sunroom years after some kit-built sunroom would have fallen down around you.


Why Choose a Custom-Built Sunroom from A-Creative Construction?

Durability – Strength – Quality – Adaptability

Most sunroom kits use flimsy railings and 2×2 box tubing for their framing. A-Creative always uses solid wooden 2×4’s and 2×6’s to ensure your sunroom’s framing is built tough and built to last.

The same commitment to quality also goes into the walls. Kits use styrofoam-backed FRP board, which is weak, short-lived and prone to wind damage. We use only construction-grade materials, not just for your sunroom’s walls, but for its floors and roofing as well.

The windows kit sunrooms use are usually thinner, cheaper, and less durable than the high-quality double- or triple-pane windows included in our custom sunroom projects.

A kit sunroom is just a mass-produced product that came out of the factory. You can’t change how many windows it has, or where the doors are, or the overall shape of the room. Worse, it’ll never truly match the look of your home (unless you bought your home from the same factory)! With one of our custom designed sunrooms, we’re able to match it exactly to your home’s look, making for a more natural and appealing look. We design to your custom sunroom to your exact specifications, so adding or moving the placement of doors, windows or anything else is never a problem.

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During the month of June 2016, I contracted with John Lancaster of A-Creative Construction to perform repairs to my home. Mr. Lancaster completed all repairs as agreed to. If I need any more work in the future, I will not call anyone except John Lancaster. — E Leach




Here’s a sunroom project we did that involved a complete tear-down of the old room and stick-building the new room from scratch.


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